ToMorrow's Veterinary Care

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In Case of an Emergency

In the event of an emergency during our normal office hours, please call ahead if possible - (402) 786-2600 - then proceed directly to our practice.

If you have a question or concern that you would like to speak to us about after the clinic has closed, you can reach one our knowledgeable staff, by phone OR text, at 402-875-1845 until 10 pm Monday through Friday and on Saturday and Sunday 8 am - 10 pm.


This is not a line by which to reach our doctors directly, but in special instances, we can get a hold of them for further consultation.


However, if it is an after hours EMERGENCY (ie - hit by car, dog fight, bleeding wounds), please call Veterinary Emergency Services at 402-489-6800.

Veterinary Emergency Services

3700 South 9th St
Suite M
Lincoln, Nebraska  68502  United States

Phone : (402)489-6800

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